N. V. Biba, M. M. Shtoda


The purpose of this work is to study the effect of forward tension on the deformed state when rolling round bars in an oval caliber. The work includes experimental and theoretical parts. The experimental part of the work was done in the laboratory. Theoretical part is divided into two other parts - computer modeling and calculations using empirical formulas. The mathematical model was developed in the software package QForm 2D / 3D wich using for modeling and optimization of metal forming processes. Modeling was made for a quarter of the sample, which allowed reducing the time of task solution. Based on previous studies for the conditions of the real experiment on the contact of the sample with the rolls chose the law of friction Coulomb’s with a coefficient of friction of 0.45, most accurately corresponds to the conditions of the experiment. Other boundary conditions are selected from the standard libraries of the QForm software system according to the conditions of the real experiment. Comparison of the calculation results with the experimental data shows that the error does not exceed the engineering accuracy, that is, the process of rolling round samples in an oval caliber with a tension can be studied, based on the results of simulation in QForm. Comparison of the calculation results by the proposed formula and as a result of mathematical modeling showed that the error of determining the profile width by the empirical formula and when modeling in the software package QForm 2D / 3D are close to each other. In other words, both formula and model can be used in engineering calculations anyway. The results of theoretical and experimental studies show that under the influence of front tension reduces the value of widening when rolling round samples in oval calibers. This influence must be taken into account when calculating the deformation mode in finishing wire blocks. The results of work can be used in automated systems of modern rolling mills, which will allow to develop innovative resource-saving technologies of wire rod production on the existing equipment with lower consumption factor as compared to the existing equipment.


oval-round; oval caliber; shape rolling; front tension


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