HISTORY OF DEVELOPMENT OF THE DEPARTMENT OF MF DSTU (up to the 90th anniversary of its formation)

О. P. Maksimenko, A. V. Nikulin


The development of higher technical education from the beginning of the twentieth century to the present in the Dnieper region is closely correlated with the development of industry. The Department of Metal Forming by Dnieper State Technical University (MF DSTU) was founded during the transformation of the workers' technical school into an evening institute. In subsequent years, the department, as one of the basic in the school, developed with him and went through successive stages on the way from college to technical university. Analysis of the history of the department shows that it was developed in accordance with the following principles: the main task - training of highly qualified specialists in metallurgical production; in scientific and technical activity the orientation on reception of new kinds and increase of quality of rolled products on the basis of an intellectual product is supported; an indispensable condition is the involvement of students in production activities and scientific work during their studies; another prerequisite is the development of laboratory and production facilities within the department and the entire school; the priority type of activity is to broaden the horizons and improve the skills of employees, to track the latest trends in the development of science and technology and their use in their practice; in scientific and pedagogical activity consistency and responsibility in work, objectivity in an estimation of results are always necessary; openness and friendliness in the relations of teachers and students, leaders and subordinates as a business card. Thanks to the use of these principles, the department of MF DSTU has achieved significant results in education and science and today produces specialists who are successful in Ukraine and other countries due to their competitiveness.


history of development; department of metal forming; rolled products; highly qualified specialists


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DOI: https://doi.org/10.31319/2519-2884.tm.2020.1


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