I. K. Karimov, G. I. Karimov, S. A. Nuzhna, A. P. Pododnja


The implementation numerical optimization method is connected to the high volume of computations and is usually carried out on a PC using on a program written in one of the programming languages. For professionals, whose main work is not related to programming, this approach leads to certain difficulties, which determines the relevance of the search for alternative ways of implementing numerical methods.

The purpose of the study is to study the peculiarities of using tabular processor MS Excel to implement numerical methods of one-dimensional optimization; task – development and approbation of the corresponding algorithm on the example of known methods of dichotomy and golden section.

The paper describes the approach to implementing numerical methods of one-dimensional optimization based on using tabular processor MS Excel. Algorithms of the methods of dichotomy and golden section methods are adapted to the proposed approach. The structure of the spreadsheet sheet is described, showing all the formulas and manipulations necessary to implement the algorithms. The results of the test problem are presented.

The most attractive features of the proposed approach should include the absence of direct programming, the simplicity of computer implementation, the ease and natural presentation of the results.

Especially note the appeal of the application of the proposed approach in the learning process. Avoiding the programming allows students to reduce the component of modeling, not directly related to future professional activities, and to concentrate efforts on forming skills of mathematical modeling and analysis of the specifics of the investigated process. As a result, the learning process becomes more creative, theory is better absorbed, motivation and interest in application of methods of mathematical modeling is increased.


optimization; MS Excel; algorithm; mathematical modeling


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DOI: https://doi.org/10.31319/2519-2884.36.2020.29


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