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In order to improve the environmental status of the country's water resources, a program for the rehabilitation of small rivers of Ukraine for the period up to 2021 was developed in 2012.A number of activities have been undertaken as part of the implementation of this program, including the clearing ofriver beds to restore naturalflow.Bottomsedimentsand rivers formed after dredging aredepositedin dumps andarealluviumin the form of sand of different composition and organicmatter – silt.These dumps are usually located on the river bank, and a large amount of organic matter in the sediment can be used as a fertilizer for agriculture.But these depositsare capableconcentratevarious pollutants, including heavy metals.Over time, thepollutantsmigratefrom the waste heaps to the soil and from the soil to the vegetation.In this regard, such sediments may be a secondary source of environmental pollution.

Due to the muddyriver, the groundwater level has increased significantly, damaging residential buildings and industrial sites in the city.The project clearanceSaksahanpredictaureconstruction of culverts, improving the draining system, measures to clear and deepen the channel and strengthen the shoreline.

The analysis of thedistribution of chemical elements shows an excess of the metal concentration compared to the background concentrations in the soil.European methods for assessing soil pollution levels are used to analyze the results obtained.Europeanlegislation establishesa concentration levelfor eachhazardous element.Due to the contamination of bottom sediments with heavy metals, their use as fertilizer is unacceptable.

Thus, the waste heap material cannot be left ashore or used for agriculture.In the future, it is necessary to determine the degree of environmental hazard of the sediments, and to determine the ways of disposal of those objects that present environmental hazards.


sediments; heavy metals; clearing; alluvium; silt


Про затвердження Загальнодержавної цільової програми розвитку водного господарства та екологічного оздоровлення басейну річки Дніпро на період до 2021 року: Закон України від 24.05.2012 № 4836-VI.

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