I. Ye. Sokolovska, K. V. Chumak


The paper presents experimental data on the influence of various factors on the thermophysical properties of porous materials. A technique and a mathematical model are proposed that make it possible to predict a change in the thermophysical properties during the heat treatment.

The properties of porous materials and their scope depend on the chemical composition, thermophysical characteristics of the components and the method of their production.

At temperatures above800°C, almost all porous silicate-based heat-insulating materials lose their ductility, flexibility, toughness, become brittle and change their original shape. Therefore, research aimed at developing equipment and technology for the production of materials that can work at significant temperature gradients, are heat-resistant and do not change their initial strength and thermal insulation properties when exposed to high or low temperatures, are relevant and require further research.

Available literature sources show the dependences of consumer properties of heaters, but determining the functional dependence of thermophysical characteristics on the structural parameters of the material remains an urgent task.

During the research, the following patterns were established: the most powerful influence on the density of the finished heat-insulating material is exerted by the heat treatment time of the material in the furnace, and the larger it is, the lower the density of the material.

Based on the obtained dependences, we can conclude that with an increase in density, the value of the thermal conductivity of the material also increases. That is, to obtain a material with better thermal insulation properties, it is necessary to achieve a lower density of the material, but at the same time with the necessary strength.


heat-insulating porous material; heat treatment; mechanical properties; research; density; strength; thermal conductivity


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DOI: https://doi.org/10.31319/2519-2884.36.2020.15


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