A. S. Shulga, O. A. Shulga


In mechanical engineering, thrust bearings (thrust bearings) are widely used. Existing techniques offer their calculations with central application of the reduced load. In practice, there are often cases when loads are applied asymmetrically to the parts of the assembly. Such assemblies, for example, are used as trolleys for supporting the body of vehicles. In the process of operation, as a result of lateral vibrations (“transshipment”) of the body relative to the over pressor beam, these nodes are loaded for a considerable time with asymmetrically applied resultant forces. Until now, when determining contact pressures and moments of friction forces, the actual nature of the load application in these nodes was not taken into account, which led to erroneous results. In this regard, it seems relevant to develop methods for calculating the actual pressures and moments of the friction forces with the asymmetric nature of the load at the Gimbal unit. In the statute, a design contact scheme is selected and justified i the thrust node, which occurs under the action of asymmetrically applied loads, and its mathematical description is also given. The dependences for calculating the contact pressures and the moments of the friction forces are given, depending on the eccentricity of applying the load. It has been established that the nature of the distribution of contact pressures and friction moments is significantly different from the corresponding central one, and the magnitude depends on the eccentricity of the load application. Large pressures located on the heel edge in the area of the direction of displacement of the resultant load.


vehicles; bearing units; contact pressures; friction moments


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