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For the upper blasting lances of 250-tons oxygen converters of PJSC «DMС» (Kamenskoye сity, Ukraine) a number of welded structures of 5-nozzle lance heads with increased durability are proposed. A set of industrial studies of their work made it possible to establish that the devices which provide for the cooling of the areas back from the nozzle zone of the tip have the highest durability. Measures to increase the values of the average cooler speeds in the welded structures of the lance heads and increase their rigidity also turned out to be quite effective.  The transfer of copper welds holding the nozzle inserts in the copper tip from its outer surface to the inner proved to be ineffective from the point of view of increasing the durability of the lance head (the average durability of the heads increased by only 7 casts – from 78 to 85 casts), which allow us to assert the need for the complete elimination of copper welds in the head (both external, exposed to high-temperature and mechanical stresses, and internal) that hold nozzle inserts in the holes of the welded tip and lance head collector.

Thus, in spite of all the measures taken to transfer the welds from the outer surface of the tip to its inner surface, to improve the cooling of the tip and its back from the nozzle zones, which also include sections of copper welds around the nozzles, as well as to increase the rigidity of the blast welded structure heads, this led, although to positive, but still to relatively low results. The data obtained indicate that welds made of copper around the nozzle inserts, which are held by this in the tip (also in the collector) of the head, are the limiting link that does not significantly increase the durability of welded lance heads, and it is urgently necessary to back off its use.


lance head; durability; top lance; nozzle insert; tip; collector; welding seam


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DOI: https://doi.org/10.31319/2519-2884.36.2020.1


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