A. M. Syanov, O. S. Kosukhina, O. V. Kosukhin


The problem of reducing the frequency of the starting current and the consumed capacities existed since the time when the asynchronous motor was created. It was solved in different ways. One of them was in changing the electromagnetic parameters of the winding of the rotor of the asynchronous motor, and the second - to include additional launch rheostat. In this work, a mathematical model of induction rheostat was developed to optimize electromagnetic parameters when powered by high frequency voltage. The main objective of the study was to reduce the amount of copper in the induction rheostat and to develop an actuator with the ability to control the electromagnetic parameters of the induction rheostat.

According to mathematical models of induction rheostat, implemented in the Ansys software environment, the results of the study showed that the improvement of the design of the induction rheostat in the direction of reducing mass dimensions is technically feasible and economically feasible.

Investigation of the electromagnetic parameters of the induction rheostat when powered from the frequency converter showed that the increase in the frequency of the supply voltage can reduce the number of turns in the coil of the induction rheostat twice, with the electromagnetic parameters will match the parameters of the induction rheostat when powered from the rotor windings. The results of the mathematical modeling of the electric drive show that the change in the frequency of the supply current in the rotor chain of the asynchronous motor of the type МТV-412-8 from 2 to 200 Hz leads to the expansion of the range of resistance change of the induction rheostat, which is 0.45-7.6 Ohm, and allows limiting the magnitude of the starting currents of the asynchronous motor. In further researches, it is necessary to ensure the automatic control of the IR depending on the mode of operation.


asynchronous motor; induction rheostat; frequency converter


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