B. P. Sereda, A. S. Gaidaenko, O. P. Maksimenko, D. B. Sereda


The aim of the work is to study the corrosion resistance of structural materials operating in industrial conditions of coke production. Instability of loading of chemical workshops of coke production, a sharp change in the productivity of units due to the instability of the coke base, an increase in the HCN content in coke oven gas, and the use of new reagents for water purification of closed cycles increases the corrosivity of process fluids. The growing use of imported equipment requires more careful monitoring of local corrosion, which is the most dangerous. When it develops in places where metal fatigue occurs, cracks or stress corrosion cracking occur. With this type of damage, the service life of the equipment is significantly reduced. It was found that the content of insoluble quinoline and toluene in the filter cake before granulation (35.4 and 50%) indicates the presence of highly pyrolyzed particles 27-48 μm in size, which are formed, possibly, when the resin passes through the tubular furnace or by oxidation in a cube reactor. A high ash content in the filter cake was observed prior to granulation (2.59%), which was caused by the adhesion of ash particles to the cake during filtration. Detected ash particles having a regular pointed shape of 5-30 microns in size can cause abrasive wear. Effective corrosion protection of materials is confirmed by coatings obtained under conditions of self-propagating high-temperature synthesis.


corrosion resistance; coke production; quinoline; toluene; precipitate

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