O. O. Zhulkovskyi, E. E. Kozlov, I. I. Zhulkovska, A. I. Trykilo


One of the practice-oriented areas of psychophysiology is the diagnosis, measurement and correction of the functional states of a person, assessment of the use of reserves, which is important for the preservation of health and professional longevity of workers. New approaches to determine the likelihood of the occurrence of negative functional states of a person are currently spreading in various areas of professional activity.

Scientific publications present the data of studies of the psycho-physiological state of a person, which are based on the idea that the indicators of variation chronoreflexometry (a statistical analysis of the time of a simple visual-motor reaction) is an integral indicator of human performance.

The problem of automated monitoring of the assessment of the level of functional states and the determination of the working capacity of specialists in various spheres of human activity who are exposed to high psycho-emotional and physical stress is relevant and needs to be addressed.

The following tasks were solved: an algorithm was developed for applying the method of express diagnostics of an individual's sensorimotor reaction (reaction rate to an external visual stimulus) when developing software for automated assessment and analysis of the psycho-physiological state of a PC user; developed an original design of a software web application, taking into account current trends and high-performance software development technologies; ensured the functionality of the applied methodology for assessing and analyzing the psycho-physiological state of a person within the framework of the developed software; convenient tools for managing the application have been developed.The method of express diagnostics applied in the web application allows to evaluate and predict the future functional state of a person, to detect with great accuracy changes in the central nervous system after taking alcohol and other stimulants, as well as when simulating diseases.


psychophysiological state; express diagnostics; PC user; software; web application


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