K. V. Belokon, O. O. Troicka, V. G. Ryzhkov


The health of the working population is shaped by a whole range of factors, including working conditions, economic conditions, the way and quality of life are leading, determining the level of health of the population and labor potential of any country.

An important place in the structure of factors that shape the health of workers belongs to working conditions. One of the most numerous contingents that are subject to increased professional risk is workers in metallurgical production, 75% of whom work in conditions that do not meet hygienic standards. At the present stage of development of electrometallurgy production, the replacement of old technological equipment and the introduction of new technologies are extremely slow. This gives rise to a number of acute hygienic problems and the significant influence of dangerous and harmful factors of the production environment of electrometallurgy production on the health of workers remains.Dangerous and harmful production factors are the main causes of real potential hazards in the enterprise. Working conditions in electrometallurgy production are characterized by a harmful microclimate, intense thermal radiation, sharp temperature changes, high concentrations of dust and intense noise. The working conditions and the labor process in electrometallurgy production belong to III to the class 3 degrees. The workplace of the steelmaker electric furnace has 2 factors of I degree, 2 factors of II degree and 5 factors of III degree. According to the indicators, the workplace should be considered with especially harmful and especially difficult working conditions.The complete exception of dangerous and harmful productive factors in the conditions of production is impossible, but the decline of their negative influence is quite needed attainable task that it is necessary to decide by development and application of corresponding measures and facilities.


productive factors; working conditions; electrometallurgy production; map of working conditions; productive traumatism; working environment; occupational risk


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