K. O. Levchuk, R. Ya. Romaniuk


The article is devoted to the development of a methodology for planning civil protection measures at potentially dangerous objects. The essence of the planning civil protection measures in the event of emergencies is: in the analysis of the situation, the assessment of the situation that may arise in the event of accidents, disasters, natural disasters and the use of modern means of destruction by the enemy; in developing measures aimed at protecting the population and improving the sustainability of the operation industrial facilities in peacetime and in a special period; in establishing the sequence, timing and manner of implementation the planned activities, performers and determining the necessary resources for their implementation.

Planning should be realistic, focused, concrete, precise, flexible, promising, based on deeply thought-out decisions, reasonable calculations and taking into account the specifics and features of the activity. It should be carried out in advance and ensure the timely introduction of civil protection plans in operation, especially during the sudden emergence of man-made and natural emergencies and during a special period.

An action plan to protect personnel in the event of an accident at a potentially hazardous facility should be developed by the operating organization and approved by its head after coordination with all organizations whose participation may be required in the course of work on the elimination of the consequences of the accident at this enterprise.

The plan of measures should be developed on the basis of considered possible design and design disasters characterized by the worst consequences, and taking into account the specifics of the future phase of the life cycle of the object.

The main measures for the protection of personnel and the elimination of the consequences of accidents at potentially dangerous objects include: logistics measures; organization of notification and communication; the procedure for the readiness of the services and units of the operating organization involved in the work on the liquidation of the consequences of the accident; protection of participants in the work on the elimination of the consequences of the accident; radiation, chemical, biological and general intelligence; provision of medical care to the victim; physical protection of potentially dangerous objects; provision of public order; measures to evacuate personnel, etc.


measures of civil protection; planning; methodology; protection; potentially dangerous object


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