A. S. Anatsky, B. V. Zadorogniy, Y. V. Semerak


On the basis of the industrial agricultural production of the Oril-Leader company (Elizavetov village, Dnipropetrovsk region), experimental studies were carried out on the cultivation of broiler chickens with the introduction of the feed antibiotic Oxytet-raciklin into the diet, which, according to well-known literary data, accelerates the period of raising the bird to a given weight and contains in its composition a complex of vitamins and enzymes that have an immune strengthening effect on the organism of chickens.

For research formed four groups of broiler chickens. All groups received a standard ration of feeding, in which 2, 4, and 6 mg of Oxytetracycline were administered in groups I, II, and III, respectively, per 1 kg of bird weight. Birds of the control group did not receive an antibiotic. During the breeding season, daily chickens were visually monitored, the presence or absence of a decrease in the livestock was determined, the weight and weight gain of the chickens were determined. Before the broilers were slaughtered (52 days), blood samples were taken for biochemical analysis for the content of key metabolic enzymes of chickens.

As a result of the studies performed, the introduction of the feed antibiotic Oxytetracycline in the amount of 4 mg / kg of weight into the diet positively affects the weight indicators and the viability of broiler chickens - the weight gain was 3090 g (the highest figure among the studied groups) , and does not affect the change in the content of enzymes of the protein, carbohydrate and energy metabolism of the body of chickens. In particular, the content of alanine aminotransferase, aspartate aminotransferase, alpha-amylase, bilirubin and creatinine is within acceptable limits and does not pose a danger to the physiological state of chickens and product quality after slaughter.

The results of the research allow us to recommend the use of «Oxytetracycline» in the practice of growing broiler chickens as a drug of a wide spectrum of action.


broiler; antibiotic; weight; feeding; immunity


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