V. U. Ignatkin, V. A. Lytvynenko


For the efficient work of specialists of the metrological service of the enterprise, where the automated system of metrological maintenance of measuring equipment (AS MM ME) is operated or implemented, the most important requirements for software tools for the implementation of methods for evaluation and analysis of the reliability of measuring equipment (ME): the basis of computing algorithms should Be scientifically substantiated methods of calculating reliability; to provide the necessary accuracy and reliability of the received calculation results; programs must be unified and have a user-friendly interface; to create and dynamically adjust the database of the ME of the enterprise; convenient graphical interface for visualization of calculation results; open source software code for reliability analysis algorithms for completing and making changes by specialists of metrology services.

The method and software tools of automated estimation of reliability of the ME based on the technology of information network programming have been developed. Software tools that implement the module "Evaluation and analysis of operational reliability of the ME" are executed in the operating system Windows 7 and use the programming language PHP 5. With the integrated use of the above technologies managed to realize high interactivity in the work of the module, along with the capabilities of the Internet.

On the basis of the proposed technology of programming of information networks, recommendations for evaluating and analyzing the operational reliability of the ME (in the interactive mode of the automated workplace (AS) metrologies) have been developed. The software module of the AS is aimed at solving three main tasks of the analysis of the reliability of the ME park: 1 – assessment of the actual state (at the current time) the level of reliability of groups of the same type of ME. Calculation of the values MM of the reliability indicators of the ME is carried out for the period of maintanance assigned at the enterprise at fixed other parameters of the MM ME; 2 – the dependence of indicators of reliability and target function from the period of carrying out verification work is fixed in fixed other parameters of the MM of the ME; 3 – taking into account the value of the target function and the limitation of production on the reliability of the ME appoint optimal (in the defined sense) period of maintanance, both individual and for groups of devices.

The developed module allows to effectively carry out quantitative analysis of the level of operational reliability of the ME park of modern industrial enterprises, the programs are adaptive and can be used on the basis of the above-mentioned decisions of the automated control system of the ministry of defense for the engineering calculations and scientific researches on the reliability of the ME.


metrological reliability; groups of measuring equipment; metrological service; automated working place of a metrological; technologies of programming of information networks


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