N. R. Rudenko, M. A. Kashcheev, R. O. Klimov, O. A. Panchenko, R. M. Rudenko


The construction of sensor is worked out for measuring of speed of gas stream on the overfall of pressure. She is presented by two tubes-transceivers of static pressure, the ends of that from one side divide a gas-proof plane. The construction of sensor allows to control the difference of pressure in gas pipe with the different geometrical forms of transversal cut at high operating reliability of work in the conditions of both air and dust-laden air-gas stream. Methodology of determination of aerodynamic parameters and checking system offer. Instrumental measuring certainly: parameters of work of basic elements of gas highway vacuum "sintermachine-fan", their influence on the basic technical indexes of process of agglomeration.

The analysis of quantitative descriptions of the productivity of gas highway of sintering machine on elements gives possibility to define the size of "harmful receivabless of air", and also places of losses. It is set that the most of gas passes through the first and last vacuum chambers. Exactly there the greatest amount of "harmful receivabless of air".

Determining measuring the amount of natural gas and air, that given on gas-rings, by a calculation is an amount of smoke gas that appears, and measuring is an amount of gas that is taken from a layer, by means of sensor, there is possibility in the automatic mode to support the necessary level of dilution in the first vacuum chambers. It will do impossible the receivabless of cold air in the used for setting fire furnace, will bring down the level of harmful receivabless of air through butt-end compressions and will promote the level of useful receivabless of air through the layer of charge in middle part of sinter machine. A sensor after the technical advantages can be used in different industries of industry.


agglomeration; gas highway; pressductor; rarefaction; speed; productivity


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