A. I. Trykilo, K. O. Levchuk


The activity of the operator is related to the perception, evaluation of the information and the timely adoption, and most importantly the correct decision, that is the implementation of the necessary operational activities by the relevant authorities. The feature of this work is the speed of work, the processing of significant volumes of information in a short period of time, rapid transitions from waiting periods to hard work and rapid and uncontrolled changes in the environment.

In this article, a transient function of the process of passing the signal is obtained and a method for determining the delay of its passage is proposed.

As a result of the research, it was confirmed that physical capacity is an integral indicator of the functional state of the organism and depends on the morphological and functional state of the most major life systems.

In this article authors used a technique developed by M.P.Moroz, which is implemented as a computer program in which the process of collecting, processing and interpreting data is fully automated. The testing process takes no more than 5 minutes and can be repeated many times, because it does not cause an addiction.

Diagnosis of the functional state of the central nervous system (CNS) of a person and the prognosis of its performance is based on the analysis of the parameters of variational chrono-reflexometry – dynamic characteristics of the time of simple visual-motor reaction, which was conducted with the participation of students who did practical work on a computer.

After that we can determine boundaries of levels of the functional state of the human central nervous system, which allowed to determine the density of the distribution of the reaction time on the light signal approximated by the Rayleigh distribution.

Also authors obtained a formula that can determine the level of the functional state of the operator, readiness for work, the degree of fatigue and in some cases the presence of pathological functional disorders or organic disorders of the central nervous system.


operator; functional state; efficiency; reaction


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