K. O. Levchuk, R. Ya. Romaniuk


Article is devoted the analysis of a modern status a question on planning actions of civil protection inUkraine. The Constitution, the Code of civil protection, laws and under lawful certificates of Ukraine in sphere of civil protection, and also other standard documents and positions of the international and European standards is basic documents which concern civil protection in Ukraine.

The code of civil protection covers a considerable part an activity sphere of civil protection.

Methodical recommendations about working out of plans concerning civil protection contain substantive provisions and recommendations concerning their working out. Each kind of the plan has the features concerning preparation and an order of its working out, the different purposes and ways of their achievement, but at the heart of process planning everyone uniform requirements and principles lay. The basic requirements is the reality, orientation and concreteness, and principles – a target orientation, consistency, a continuity, equation, an optimality use of resources, adequacy of level threat and reaction actions.

In M.I.Stebljuka's job it is noticed what be direct on object owe the developed two kinds of plans – on peace and military (the special period) time.

Thus the question a planning actions of civil protection takes away considerable attention, especially recently. However as to practical realization considered above documents, for example, introductions of methodical recommendations concerning working out of plans concerning civil protection on objects of managing here there are defined difficulties. It is connected with insufficient preparation expert’s staffs of civil protection at the enterprises and students at training in higher educational institutions.

Besides, as is known, in territory of Ukraine there are many enterprises with the features of manufacture, therefore, in our opinion, working out of techniques (or universal) with concrete examples and recommendations concerning their drawing up for different kinds of objects managing (potentially dangerous, the raised danger, etc.) is actual.


civil protection; Code; planning; recommendation; structure


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