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The paper presents experimental data on the effect of various factors on the thermophysical properties of porous materials.

The scope of thermal insulation materials directly depends on the thermal and mechanical properties of the material itself, which are also interrelated. Mechanical properties determine the behavior of a material during deformation and failure due to external loads and at temperature stress. The objective of this work is to study the effect of various heat treatment regimes on the strength and thermal characteristics of porous insulation materials.

As established experimentally, the significant factors of controlled influence on the kinetics of gas formation and the formation of a porous structure are the temperature and composition of the components of the medium. The process of expansion at the stage of the optimal plastic-viscous properties of the mixture in combination with the proposed blowing agents intensifies the process of gas evolution, which flows evenly throughout the entire vo-lume of the raw material, ensuring the formation of closed pores.

Based on the dependencies given in the article, the following conclusions can be made: with an increase in the duration and intensity of temperature exposure, the strength characteristics of the material deteriorate, the porosity increases, but at the same time the thermal conductivity decreases. Therefore, to obtain a material with the required strength characteristics and the required thermal conductivity, it is necessary to select the optimal technological mode of processing of the porous insulation material.

Completed laboratory studies allow you to select the required temperature regimes of processing. The established sequence of technological operations of heat treatment allows to obtain a material with a uniform porosity.


thermal insulation material; kinetics; swelling; gasifier; pores; heat treatment; properties


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