O. V. Kluyev, O. V. Sadovoy, Yu. V. Sokhina


In the paper, closed control system of the asynchronous gate cascade (AGC) in axes of coordinates oriented on the magnetization current vector, which is defined as the geometric sum of stator and rotor vectors, is developed and investigated. The search coordinates axes and the optimal structure of the mathematical model of AGC for achieving the best value of a given quality criterion can not be formalized. Therefore, the definition of the structure of the mathematical model of AGC and the synthesis on its basis of the control system, which ensures the qualitative regulation of the electromagnetic torque, have no unam-biguous solution.

The paper describes the main stages of the construction of the AGC control system, which is oriented on the magnetization current vector, provided that the structure and parameters of the automated model AGC as a control object are known. The greatest attention is paid to the identification of the reference vector and the study of the dynamic modes of operation AGC with the proposed system of vector control by the method of mathematical modeling. The identification of the stator and rotor currents, and hence the magnetization current, is technically simpler than identifying the asynchronous machine's magnetic fields. The paper proposes to change the structure of the channel of reactive power and its control system in comparison with the most common control system AGC, which is oriented by the vector of the stator flux linkage.

Using the vector control system of AGC with the chosen reference vector and the developed structure allows qualitatively to control the magnetization current module and, consequently, the electromagnetic torque that increases the dynamic characteristics of the AGC in comparison with known control systems and approximates the AGC at the regulatory capabilities to direct current electric drives


asynchronous gate cascade; optimal control; relay controller; reference vector; coordinate transformation; electromagnetic torque


Клюев О.В. Идентификация координат и параметров асинхронной машины при векторном управлении по цепи ротора / О.В.Клюев, А.В.Садовой, Ю.В.Сохина // Збірник наукових праць Дніпродзержинського державного технічного університету. – Дніпродзержинськ: ДДТУ. – 2007. – С.361-365.



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