B. P. Dovhaliuk, Ye. O. Buynitsky, D. O. Halytsky, M. V. Taran, O. V. Tkachenko, K. S. Yatsenko


The functioning algorithm of the automated system optimization of the pulverized fuel consumption (PFC) for blast furnace has been developed. It is assumed that the system consists of subsystems: control of information reliability, stabilization of the slag basicity and the theoretical burning temperatures; heat losses compensation and the oxidation process fluctuations of cast iron on the tuyeres; thermal state stabilization of the melting process; PF consumption optimization and blasting. The algorithm includes a set of algorithms for the functioning of these subsystems.

According to the information about the technological parameters, the composition of the flue gas is calculated and compared with gas analyzers reading. If the differences between them exceed the given values, we conclude that metrological characteristics of the measuring and computing channels are unsatisfactory and begin checking these channels.

The value of the theoretical combustion temperature, which is compared with the given limits has been calculated. The recommendations for changing technological oxygen consumption and blast humidity are determined by the difference between them. For every
10 min, the temperature of tuyere fire flow, theoretical burning temperature and the difference between them is determined, which defines the change in the iron oxidation and adjust the prediction of cast iron quality.

The combined principle of controlling the thermal state of blast-furnace smelting is provided. The change in the incoming heat into the zone of indirect restoration, which calculates the recommendations for changing the mass of coke in the feed is determined. The qua-lity of pig iron is determined according to the incoming heat in the lower part of the furnace and recommendations for its stabilization are predicted. Taking into account fluctuations in heat losses with blast furnace gas and cooling water, the complex parameters of the thermal state and the quality prediction of pig iron are adjusted.

The coke coefficient of substitution, the amount of coke replaced, the amount of sa-vings is calculated. The optimum amount of PFC is determined by the extreme value of the savings.


reliability of information; optimization system; pulverized fuel; quality of pig iron; oxidation of pig iron; consumption


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