R. Ya. Romaniuk, A. O. Tolok


Paper it is devoted working out of provisions on safety work of workers on sections manufacture of powdered zirconium. The thin chip and zirconium rasping’s easily light up. At presence in air of certain concentration of a dust from zirconium and a heating source there can be an ignition and explosion. Therefore it is widely used in fireworks at manufacturing of lamps for flashlights, caps-detonators, and a nitro powder and for fireworks.

By working out of processes manufacture of a powder from zirconium, at designing of industrial installations and their maintenance it is necessary to consider, as it is told above, tall explosive and fire danger of this product. Therefore production processes a powder of zirconium should be mechanized and automated.

All works (restoration, flushing out, treatment, crushing, screening and another) should be carried out in the separate premises rigged with system of plenum-exhaust ventilation.

The metal powder in the form of a mix with water is stored in an incombustible room with constant temperature a little above a freezing point. The powder relative humidity should be in limits of 15-20 %. Separately packed portions of a powder are recommended to be kept separately for decrease quantity of zirconium which can be annihilated fire in case of a fire.

Burning rather zirconium small amounts can be stopped a considerable quantity of the lather, applied so that not to call powder inflating. In these cases it is possible to apply dry sand and feldspar also.

If in circulation there is a small amount of zirconium in the form separate portions properly packed in case an ignition one of them it is better to give the chance to burn down easy to it up to the end.

Workers in production areas and premises storing of a powder should be in special shoe without metal nails and in overalls from a fire-resistant material, for protection against fire to wear goggles or the shield for the person from a high-melting material.


zirconium; powder; danger; burning; explosion; individual defenses means


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