I. M. Kornienko, O. P. Holovey, A. T. Lashkova, O. S. Kryvonos, S. S. Zatsarenko


After research the State of soils m. Kamyanske, it was found that antropogenno-technogenic influence on the environment will worsen the properties of soils, growing area of degraded lands, polluted atmospheric emissions and wastewater, chemicals and radionuclides. To improve the fertility of contaminated soils used modern approaches in the use of microbiological fertilizer to improve soil fertility and renewal. Defined the ecological state of soils m. Kamyanske, developed its own recipe of the fertilizer and the comparative analysis of the effectiveness of application of mineral, organic and mineral and microbiological fertilizer.

Anthropogenic and man-made impacts on the environment are steadily increasing and reaching critical values, which has greatly affected the degradation of soil cover. The physical and chemical properties of soils are determining, the areas of degraded lands contained by atmospheric emissions and sewage, chemical rechovins and radionuclides increase.

The residential area is a land intended for the construction of residential and public buildings, roads, streets, squares within cities and urban-type settlements. It occupations an area of about 50-60% of the city's territory. The industrial zone includes an entity plot of land, transport interfaces and co-munitions. On this site there may be built industrial premises or it may be empty.

The composition of the fertilizer is distinguished: mineral, organic, organo-mineral, microbiological, green.

In order to improve the fertility of the earth, mineral, organo-mineral and complex microbiological fertilizers are used more often.

In order to improve the species diversity of fats and fertility, an improved formulation of a complex microbiological fertilizer was developed, which was tested in practice of growing wheat together with mineral and mineral organic fertilizers. On the basis of research results a comparative characteristic of the etiquity of application of the specified types of fertilizers was obtained.


geobìocenoz; microbiota; fertilizer; symbiosis


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