Ya. O. Miniailo, M. V. Babenko, O. O. Zhulkovskyi


This article focuses on the choice of the optimal way of converting MIDI music files into musical notes.

MIDI(Musical Instrument Digital Interface) is a standard for transmitting information between electronic musical instruments. It was developed in 1983, which makes it possible to communicate electro music instruments, computers, and other MIDI-compatible equipment, carry out one management tool for others.

MIDIdoes not transmit audio information, but it works with "messages," such as the height and dynamics of the notes on the instrument, control signals for parameters such as volume, panorama, timing signals for tempo synchronization, etc.MIDIis marked by an extremely widespread.

In this article, an algorithm of receiving musical notes fromMIDImusic files is implemented. The algorithm works fast, allowing the musicians to convert any melody into a noted instrument with the possibility of printing in real-time. With the development of the technology of musical programming arose a new object-in method of studying creativity. It calls modeling (reproduction or imitation) of some aspects of the objects studied or processes. It gives you the ability to start learning a musical instrument because you can simulate the process of playing any melody in the application. It is convenient for professional musicians because of the availability of music notes from music files with the ability to adjust tonality, time signature, duration, playback speed, with the possibility of transposition and modulation, etc.

The developed software allows to get a musical interpretation of any melodies in MIDI format in real time with possibility to simulate playing these melodies on a musical instrument.


software; musical instrument; MIDI format


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