A. V. Kachura, E. S. Roenko, R. M. Polyakov


The field of application of DC electric drives is quite extensive: metallurgical equipment, ground transportation, precise positioning systems, instrumentation, etc. In this connection, the problem of studying the electromagnetic parameters of DC machines and improving their characteristics in different operating modes is topical.

Important factors that must be taken into account in the design of MAT are their reliability, economy, compliance with modern standards and technical requirements. With this in mind, a number of techniques have been developed and are being applied, in which an analytical apparatus is used, supplemented by empirical relationships and graphical dependencies obtained experimentally. As a rule, these methods are oriented to general industrial series of machines having standard sizes and design. Modification of the design and use of new materials often cause difficulties in the design. In connection with this, an important tool for the analysis of MWT is numerical methods that make it possible to investigate the characteristics and parameters of MAT, taking into account new design solutions in static, quasi-static and dynamic modes of operation. To solve the problems of designing MAT, it is possible to distinguish the finite element method (FEM).

Based on the MCE, the electromagnetic parameters and electromechanical characteristics of the serial MPT MUN-2 manufactured by the Ostrovsky Plant of Electrical Machines (Ostrov,Russia) were investigated. Taking into account the features of the local engine operation, the excitation system of the serial machine is changed from sequential to independent in the absence of structural changes in the anchor chain.

As a result of combining the field model of the MPT and the chain model of the brush-collector assembly, a chain-field model is obtained, for which the finite element method is applied. The model takes into account the design features of the engine components and allows to investigate electromagnetic and electromechanical characteristics in dynamic operation modes. Verification calculation of MPT MUN-2 with modified excitation system based on MCE allows to study characteristics and electromagnetic parameters of MFT in dynamic modes of operation.


DC machine; finite element method; electromagnetic parameters; system of equations; dynamic mode of operation


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