N. M. Nedbaylo, E. M. Sigarev, Yu. V. Bayduzh


Using the experiment planning methods investigated the influence mutual arrangement of tiers nozzles and the position a two-tier lance over the bath in the course the boil on hydro- and gas dynamic laws patterns formation covering and efficiency use prepared slag. Received mathematical models to describe the connection between the design the lance and the effectiveness operation blowing slag defined rational parameters blowing slag to ensure the symmetry the converter working space.

Rational parameters are set operation blowing slag bath with using the two tier lance by principle redirection part reverse gas slag flow in definite "problem" zones on the walls converter. Defined directions further improvement design two-tier lance. 

To stabilize phase dynamics in the oxygen converter and blowing mode melting the necessary condition is ensuring the symmetry working space regardless campaign period of the unit for lining. Practically all modern metallurgical enterprises of Ukraine already apply modern methods hot repair lining of converters including by dispensing the final modified slag using special lance.The purpose of the current research is determination of mutual influence location of the main and additional nozzles and the provision garrison two tier lance over a slag bath on the way of blowing the last on regularities formation garrison slag coating and efficiency of use prepared slag.To determine the character and the degree of exposure to the depth slag bath, the height lance over the bath and the distance between the tip of the lance and the side cylindrical nozzles on the size of the zone "slag" of the trunk lance, the thickness slag layer on the walls converter and the width slag zone in "problem areas". The experiment planning technique was used. A complete factorial experiment is planned and implemented. The given mathematical models, received on the results of processing of experimental data, in natural values are given.

By the results experiments we can conclude about expediency further improvement the proposed design two tier lance in the following directions: replacement of a six nozzles for four nozzles with grouped in directions trunnion zone nozzles Laval increased diameter; making tip a lance of ordinary steel and the transfer of a lance on gas cooling; use the gas-cooled lance with the possibility change distance between tiers during the lumber converter campaign.


converter; lance, slag; nozzles; blowing; modified slag; coating


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