E. M. Sigarev, D. S. Kochmola, M. K. Sigarev


For results analysis experiments from research hydro- and gas dynamics bath in the ladle installed, that when rotated submersible lance around the axis best dispersion and dispersal by volume formed gas bubbles is provided at the speed rotation, which does not exceed 2,17 s-1, at specific gas consumption up to 0,018 m3/min.

Performed by authors current article calculations of values specific power mixing using the expressions given (under constant conditions regarding bath temperature,mass of melt and gas consumption showed that the quantities vary greatly among themselves. This does not allow you to recommend expressions for mechanical transfer on condition of ladle processing of a melt, including using a rotary lance.From the analysis results calculations by expressions, it follows that the power mixing, mainly determined by the work Archimedes taking into account the forces on isothermal expansion of the gas bubble.With increasing speed submersible lance the gas saturation of the bath is reduced, which may be related with the formation exit channels gas volumes on the surface bath. It affects both the power mixing, and on all processes that accompany the blowing bath with gas.Impact of size, lifting speed and the trajectory movement up to the surface bath bubbles the power mixing is determined by the power Archimedes.To take into account the impact rotation submersible lance around the axis is necessary quantification dissipated energy gas jet which depends on its length and the speed lance. When using two nozzles submersible lance, with nozzles located at an angle 900 to the axis lance the length jets decreases in accordance with the increase rotational speed lance.Proposed expressions to calculate the power mixing the bath in the ladle with a rotary submersible lance. It is shown that condition increase in mixing power there is an increase in size pop up to the surface bath bubbles, which in turn can negatively affect on the degree assimilation reagents to remove impurities at ladle refining hot metal. Dependence is determined dissipation energy gas jets from the rotational speed the submersible lance.The way to increase stirring intensity may be combined use mechanical stirring with additional dispersion gas volumes. Under such circumstances should be expected increase in intensity mass-exchange processes in a bath.


ladle; bath; mixing; rotating; lance; hot metal; stirring


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